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Raising money for all affiliated CBF charities in Best.


The Charity Week Best Foundation strives to financially support the participating charities. To this end, the foundation organizes a collection, events and activities once a year with the aim of raising money for the affiliated charities. With this money we contribute to the realization of the objectives of these charities.

With this joint action, the Foundation wants to create more social awareness and increase the involvement of residents in order to support the charities financially.


Chair: Tom van der Waals
Secretary: Anny van den Hoven
Treasurer: Coralie Veeneman


Collectors: Erna Hendriks, Ingrid Clément
Communication: vacature
Finance & administration: Marieke Last
Logistics & materials: Freek Govers, Jeroen van Krieken
Sponsors: Jan de Koning


Arjan Buchholz, Anny van den Hoven, Sylvia van den Born, Ingrid Clement, Coralie Veeneman, Tom van der Waals en Jan-Mathijs Wijnands.