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Frequently asked questions

What does GDW Best mean ?

GDW stands for Charity Week. It is an initiative of local volunteers from national charities. These have united in a foundation. They collect together during de Goede Doelen Week Best.

Why do the charities work together?

  • By working together, volunteers from different charities jointly commit themselves to the purposes of all charities. This way they can collect better in all the streets of Best.
  • As a resident of Best, you will receive fewer collectors at your door as a result of the joint campaign.
  • With the new way of collecting, you can decide before the collector arrives which charities you want to support and with what amount.

How are the collection proceeds distributed?

After a joint count, the amounts are allocated to the participating charities, as you indicate on the form. The proceeds will be announced via local media, Facebook and on this website. 

What do I do if I have missed the collector?

If there is no collector in your district, or you have missed the collector, you can hand in the return envelope yourself at the addresses below
SNS Bank Boterhoek 104
Albert Heijn Wilhelminaplein 6
Plus Erwin Kenter Den Ekker 1B
Plus Ton Henst Rendierhei 2

Why do other collectors also ring the doorbell?

All (national) charities that have already collected in Best have been invited to participate in the GDW, but not all of them have chosen to do so. 

Why do donor recruiters still ring the doorbell, also for charities that participate in the GDW?

Recruiting donors is a separate activity for charities, this is separate from the collection. On  you can see whether there is permission to recruit donors in your neighbourhood in a certain week. 

I paid via the QR code on the form. Do I still have to hand in the form?

The total amount that comes in via QR code for which we do not receive a form is divided evenly among all 23 charities. If that is what you want, it is not necessary to submit the form. If you like a different distribution, please hand in the paper form. 

I paid via the QR code on the form, but I noticed that the account number is different than on the form. Is that correct?

Well noticed. Donations via the QR code are made via various interim accounts of Rabobank (including NL39 RABO 0369 0050 07). The donations are then immediately transferred to our own bank account NL38 RABO 0369 1646 87.

I have a 'no collections' sticker at my door, but I would like to participate in the GDW. Is that possible?

Yes, that’s possible. You can indicate on our website (nl) which charities you want to support and pay the total amount directly via iDEAL. If you prefer to make your choice on paper, you can also pick up an envelope with the form at one of our hand-in points. 

– SNS BankBoterhoek 104 
– Albert HeijnWilhelminaplein 6 
– Plus Erwin Kenter Den Ekker 1B 
– Plus Ton HenstRendierhei 2

Can I help?

Of course! First of all, we are very happy with your donation. In addition, we are always looking for volunteers. It is quite a job to ensure that the collection for Charity Week runs smoothly. Any help is welcome! You may contact for more

How long are the direct debit data kept?

We do not store personal data for longer than is necessary. In many cases we have a legal obligation to retain data. The personal data will NOT be provided to third parties. If you have any questions about this, please email

What is the fiscal number/RSIN number of the GDW Best?

The tax number or RSIN of Stichting Goede Doelen Week Best is 861461812. Because the GDW Best foundation has ANBI status, you can, under certain conditions, receive a deduction for your donation on your income tax or corporate tax return. 

Other question?

Were you unable to find an answer to your question? Send a message to You will be contacted soon.